·  Game time is effective time 4x6 minutes.

·  The half-time break is 3 minutes.

·  Time out once per game and per team.

·  Tied games in group stage are decided by sudden death. The first team to score wins (could be a free throw, two-pointer or three-pointer). Tied games in playoff and finals are decided by a two-minutes overtime period. Sudden death starts with a jump ball. Overtime starts as a continuation of the second half.

·  Zone defense is only allowed in U15 and U16.

·  24 seconds will be at the discretion of the referees. The referees will inform when it is 10 seconds left.

·  Team fouls apply after four fouls. Free throw shooting starts at foul 5 (unless it is an offensive foul).

·  Boys U15 and U16 play with ball size 7. Girls and boys U13 & U14 play with ball size 6.

·  If multiple teams end up with the same amount of points in group stage, the final group stage results will be decided by the following: 
1. Game score between the teams involved. 
2. Point differential between the teams involved. 
3. Total point differential. 
4. Total points made.

·  If the team has the same jersey color, the away team will change jerseys.

·  Bring your own balls for warm up.

·  No time is guaranteed for warming up on court.

·  Except for the above, the Swedish Basketball rules apply.

·  All alcohol consumption is prohibited. Smoking is also prohibited indoors.

·  Participants who commit a criminal offense will be suspended from the tournament immediately and be reported to the police and their basketball federation if appropriate.

·  The winner of each age group will be awarded with a trophy. Gold and silver  medals are awarded.